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Corinium Radio

“When an interviewee comes in I see a fine person with a fine product or service. By the time they go out I have learnt about their inner strengths their dedication and how they care for their customers. It’s good to talk!”

Virginia Stourton

Virginia Stourton is the founder and energy behind Rekindle. She set up Rekindle to bring together business owners, managers and entrepreneurs and to help them develop and grow their businesses.  Virginia’s own business, Colour Counsellors, started in a cupboard and grew to become the leading international interior design franchise with eighty franchisees. As a result, Virginia became a founder member of the British Franchise Association.

Virginia has stamped her unique blend of charm and no nonsense business acumen on Rekindle. Rekindle offers relevant learning, sharing and networking to support its members’ business endeavours.  Virginia is constantly looking for ways to offer real help to Rekindle members. Extremely popular are her member interviews on Corinium radio. These interviews which focus not only the business and what it does but also the person or people behind it and what motivates them.

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Be interviewed about your business by Virginia.  

Virginia is well known for a Corinium Radio programme she ran called Mind Your Own Business.  In 208 although Virginia will not be running the programme she is still offering to do interviews which can be hosted on your site.