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I’m so looking forward to seeing you next Friday at the RAU for our next Rekindle event which starts at 1130 sharp. I’ve been very grateful for all the feedback received about the last event and the lucky winner of the champagne will be announced then. If you completed the survey it could be you.
Spring is most definitely here and such things as the energising entrepreneurial spirit of the youth market in the centre of town, Point-to-Point races at Siddington, Cath Hodsman – one of the country’s foremost natural-history artists at The Corinium, “Into the Woods” at The Barn Theatre and a whole range of historical artefacts from the Abbey 900 festival remind me how wonderful the rich tapestry of life in Cirencester is. There’s always something to engage, entertain and educate.
Now, I don’t know if you saw Robin Waite’s thought-provoking video (from the front seat of his car!) after the StroudNet meeting where he struggled with whether or not to take up time having 20 second intros from everyone at his event. See it here if you missed it. He has decided not to do it any more because (a) it gets in the way of valuable learning and networking time and (b) he thinks almost no-one listens or remembers anyway because they’re thinking about what they are going to say. Well I really admire Robin’s clarity and purpose and “hear hear Robin” say I. The timetable for this Friday means lots of networking time in the middle of the sandwich – people say they want that – but we’ll limit the introductions to something like we did last time rather than take up 40-50 minutes with those awful intros…
I’ve struggled to get the balance right for everyone at Rekindle and I’m still trying to get it right. But I’m a woman of principle – and my biggest principle is “You’re never too old to learn”. I like to think of myself as a living example of that. I am currently taking part in “Six Questions for Leading Achievers” and I love what I am learning but I have to be honest that I have fallen at a few fences mostly due to my lack of techno expertise. However, what is so nice about Clearworth is they help you get back on your horse and you know you have even learnt something from the fall!
Clive Hook from ClearWorth is going to share the research and best practice of the most successful negotiators and influencers at the end of Friday’s meeting. He says he’s going to teach us how to behave. This learning session is for everyone that wants to learn something new. If it’s not for you and you’re only there for the networking then that’s fine – don’t feel embarrassed about leaving at that point. I want participants not prisoners!
Some of those young entrepreneurs I mentioned above will be joining us to see how networking and real business people work – our Rekindle “Profit from Experience” motto in action. Thank you again for your participation and support and please help these young entrepreneurs feel part of the Rekindle action.

See you on Friday