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Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
close bosom friend of the maturing sun
John Keats  “To Autumn”

There’s no doubt Autumn’s here. We can hardly call the last few days Summer…now we could all bemoan the loss of the balmy Summer evenings (although there weren’t that many) but we also need to remember this is harvest time. That means the seeds we planted and tended have now borne fruit. The same should be said for your business – are you enjoying the fruits of your labours?

The seasons of business are cyclical like the natural seasons and this is the time for many to be working to bring in the harvest. That means moving from background promotion of your products and services to closing the deals and actually selling what you have to offer.
Last time we had Clive Hook from ClearWorth remind us of the marketing principles and help us think about our strategy. This time ClearWorth will be up in Scotland so can’t be with us but they’re as delighted as me to have a true sales professional coming in to give us the benefit of his experience and impart words of wisdom.
I’m excited to say that Oliver Dax is joining us for our September Rekindle Academy meeting to directly address the subject of sales and, in particular, talk about the power of referrals – how to get them and how to make the very most of them. Oliver is a mine of useful information and direct experience in the field of sales and I know you will get a great deal out of this month’s learning session.
Sadly, I see far too much fruit wither on the vine for lack of activity and people who just hope someone will come along and pick it. If you’re in business you have to help them buy. You’ve done the work, prepared the ground, weeded and tended the growth and now you must bring it to market.
I’ll never tire of learning and I’ve been inspired by Oliver’s talks and articles and know he will bring us not just words of wisdom but proven, practical tips and techniques to really help us do that last 10% (I’ll let Oliver explain that one – ask him about Lewis Hamilton)
So, Thursday 21st September is the date at the Royal Agricultural University with coffee and pastries from 1100 and we kick off at 1130 sharp. Oliver promises us a challenging but rewarding learning session. I do hope you can join us. Let’s get our crops gathered in…oh and how’s this for a coincidence – Keats finished that poem on 21st September!
…and the final words go to another great English Romantic poet and one of Keats’ contemporaries – Lord Byron
The mellow autumn came, and with it came
The promised party, to enjoy its sweets.