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Some of you (those of us of a certain age) will remember a programme called TW3 – it stood for That Was The Week That Was and introduced such people as David Frost to our screens. I think this is an apt name for the last seven days’ political proceedings. This will be a week to remember – although maybe not for all the right reasons.

Only in the UK might we delay the Queen’s Speech because the ink on the vellum made from goats’ skin takes several days to dry and won’t be ready in time. Not the only reason of course but easily the most entertaining.

Well, amidst all this uncertainty I can confidently predict that our next Rekindle event will be on Thursday 29th June 11:30 – 14:30 and promises to reinforce our community of committed entrepreneurs. With all this uncertainty around we could do with some terra firma and a chance to talk about local business not national politics. A bit of certainty amidst all the fog would be welcome.

Chloe Cox is going to pick up on that and continue our learning theme with fascinating insights into the limbic hot buttons that be a major turn on or turn off switch – and one if those is certainty. I think understanding how people’s brains work is vital when looking to engage with new and existing clients.  Maybe we’ll get some insights into why things haven’t gone to plan for some of our politicians and their policies…

I’m so looking forward to welcoming you back to the RAU and enjoying your company and sharing in your learning as we strive to make Rekindle something really useful for you and your business. Not just empty words and slogans but actually delivering value (another tip for the politicians).

With all best wishes